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A high quality European manufactured food wrap, presented in an attractive dispenser box with zipper/cutter bar included. Yes, we all use these to wrap our sandwiches and cookies, but you may be surprised how many metres of food wrap is used! Excellent clarity and strength – use if cooking in the kitchen too!

A very popular kitchen consumable, both for cooking and catering. Our dispensers are easy to use, attractively presented and come complete with a built in cutter bar. Every kitchen should have one!

High quality silicosed industrial grade baking paper is a must have in the kitchen. Ideal for general wraps, but also for oven baking and lining in your conventional oven. Save the mess, use baking paper!

Introducing our new and latest fundraiser! These 500ml Food Bowls are perfect to carry your lunch, soup, nibbles, left overs or any food you are needing to take to school or the office. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Available in three different colours. Limited stocks! Email us at or phone for more information and order forms!

Great quality minigrip bags which are available in 3 different sizes. These bags are perfect for snack, lunches, freezing foods and much much more.

These kitchen tidy liners are a must for all households and business. Available in 3 different sizes.

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